Similac Go & Grow

Benefits of Go & Grow by Similac Toddler Drink:
– Each 8-fl-oz serving has over 25 vitamins and minerals
– Each serving has at least 30% Daily Value* of iron, calcium, and vitamins C & E
– Has OptiGro™—our unique brain- and eye-nourishing blend of DHA, Lutein, and Vitamin E
– Unflavored, NON-GMO†, Sensitive NON-GMO†, and Vanilla available in cans. Unflavored, Non-GMO, and Vanilla also available in stick packs
– Gluten-free




Sometimes mealtime can seem more like playtime, and it’s hard to tell how much nutrition is making it into your child’s mouth. Go & Grow by Similac Toddler Drink can help support your child’s nutrient intake while you transition to table foods.

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